Caring For An
Older Loved One

It’s Time To Talk 

If any of these concerns sound familiar, then it’s time to make a plan.

Your mother still lives alone, needs help in the home, but will not accept it

Your father just had a stroke and you have no idea what the best options for care are

Your parents live far from the rest of the family

Your mom is doing a great job taking care of Dad, but she looks worn out and is losing weight

You and your siblings do not see eye-to-eye on your father’s care plan

You have had to take time off of work to address the care needs of your loved one

You haven’t discussed finances with your parents. Can they afford it? Do they have insurance?

Your own personal relationships are suffering because you are so focused on caregiving

Your father’s driving is worrisome

You are concerned your loved one could fall in the house

Your spouse just received an unexpected diagnosis

You’re unsure if your dad’s forgetfulness is normal or if you should be more concerned

Aging is Complicated

You’re probably arriving here with more questions than answers. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and anxious about what lies ahead. Take a deep breath — we’ve got you.

Every situation is unique.

Is It Forgetfulness or Dementia?

Typical Age-Related Changes

  • Making a bad decision once in a while
  • Missing a monthly payment
  • Forgetting which day it is, but remembering later
  • Losing things occasionally

Signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia

  • Poor judgment and decision-making
  • Inability to manage a budget
  • Losing track of the date or season
  • Difficulty having a conversation
  • Misplacing things and can’t retrace steps

Our white paper can help you determine if your loved one’s memory loss is more than just age related change.

Client Stories

“When my family’s dear uncle started showing signs of serious decline, we were completely overwhelmed.  He lived more than two hours away and had no one to care for him.  While we knew we had to intervene, we simply did not know what to do or how to do it.  We called Theia and were immediately relieved.  They helped us navigate the complicated world of senior care, providing invaluable insight and knowledge, giving us the comfort to sleep at night.  They held our hand through very difficult times and stepped in when we needed them to so that we could concentrate on other ongoing needs of our family, namely the birth of our second child.  And perhaps most importantly, they did it with amazing compassion and grace.  My family will forever be thankful to the Theia team!“

Nicole, Healthcare Attorney, New Jersey

“My husband received a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s while still in his 50s and we were devastated. Financially, I had to keep working but was plagued with tremendous guilt.  Theia provided comfort at such an emotional time and expert guidance through all the stages of his disease.  They connected me with the ideal resources at the right times so that every step of our journey was planned for my time with my husband could be cherished as a wife, and not only a caregiver.”

Victoria, Financial Services Executive, Boston

“Our family knew that eventually we would be dealing with a challenge with my 85-year-old mother living in Florida (while we live in New York). And indeed, an urgent situation concerning my mother emerged at a time when, as CFO of a publicly traded company, I was amid a critical matter that required nearly 100% of my attention. My family and I needed to act quickly, and we needed help. We reached out to Theia and they engaged immediately. Within days, they provided us with perspective and a plan including a comprehensive list of vetted service providers in Florida who could best provide the medical care and attention my mother needed.”

Bret, CFO of a Publicly Traded Company, New York City

“Your talented and caring team has made an extremely positive impact on the lives of our shared clients. As a multi-family office, our core belief is that success lies in the seamless, careful, and thoughtful information in all aspects of a family’s complex financial universe.  As we don’t endeavor to provide all services to all clients, Theia has exceeded our very demanding expectations and solidified our trust that we refer to you without any hesitation. Personally, and on behalf of our firm, I want to acknowledge the great business you’ve created, and your ability to bring together really exceptional eldercare professionals.”

Rob, Founder and CEO, Multi Family Office, New York

“As a successful businesswoman, when my 84-year-old father was first diagnosed with lung cancer, I felt helpless living 1500 miles away and getting contradicting reports from physicians and my mother. Thankfully, I was introduced to Theia Senior Solutions who engaged as my father’s patient advocate. They very quickly navigated a treatment plan with top tier doctors, organized transportation to and from appointments, ensured seamless communication between family members, and even helped my father to get his taxes completed. Importantly, they also served as a support system to my mother who was overwhelmed and in the early stages of cognitive decline. I now realize it’s nearly impossible to “go at it alone”. Having Theia by my side over the years has given me peace of mind that I am well prepared to act quickly and efficiently to make the best-informed decisions. My family and I are truly indebted to Theia.”

Laurie, Investment Banker, St. Louis

“A significant care gap exists between the medical care of an aging patient, and a family’s ability to fulfill the myriad of responsibilities that come along with the changing social, personal, and emotional needs of that aging patient. I have been impressed by Theia’s passion, desire, and ability to create a model that provides aging patients and their families with comprehensive and compassionate service, fulfilling all patient and family needs, no matter how small or tall the order. I highly recommend that anyone searching for unparalleled personalized service, comprehensive care management for themselves as they age, for aging family members, or for family members with chronic or acute illness, engage the Theia team.”

Jennifer, Internal Medicine Physician, Manhattan

“My 90-year-old mother was resistant to making a plan for her future, but Theia helped me to prepare for when it would be necessary.  I had a sense of security knowing that all her information was held safe in The TheiaVault™ and I had secured plans for when she was ready to take that step.  When a crisis hit and I was out of the country, I felt immense relief that Theia could step in to advocate for my mother with the same sense of urgency that I would have.  Theia allowed me to focus on being a son while knowing that they were managing the details of her care.”

Kevin, Attorney, Washington, DC

“My family engaged with Theia over a holiday when all of my brothers and I were out of town and my mother had been rushed to the hospital.  They were crucial in the management of that hospital stay and the cascade of hospital trips that followed as my mother’s health declined.  Theia connected us to the best specialists and ultimately to the ideal long term care setting that met Mom’s healthcare needs, worked with her Long Term Care Insurance to make sure that her services were covered, and provided guidance every step of the way.  My family is so grateful to have worked with Theia during such a stressful and emotionally draining time.”

John, Financial Services CEO, Philadelphia

“We have found our Client Coordinator to be full of integrity, compassion, and empathy. In the middle of family disagreements over Mom’s care, she expertly balances professionalism and keeping mom’s interests at the forefront. We would recommend Theia Senior Solutions in a heartbeat.”

Patricia, Theia Client, Upstate New York

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