Easter and Passover are holidays that are often filled with traditions and family time and it can often be a bittersweet holiday if you are celebrating spring holidays with someone who has dementia.


Theia’s team of experts have provided three recommendations to make your holiday gatherings peaceful:

  • Small Gatherings Large groups can be intimidating for someone who has dementia. An increase in noise and stimulation could make the day more stressful for you and your loved ones. If you are not gathering in person, calls to your loved ones and video chats can still keep loved ones connected when Celebrating Spring Holidays.

  • Early Meals The beginning of the day is typically the most alert and clear for someone with dementia. Having company and enjoying a meal together will make it easier for

  • Memories Cook a special dish that can inspire memories or traditions. Ask questions about a favorite Easter or Passover memory.

Theia is encouraging all of our clients and families to celebrate safely with their loved ones during this pandemic and follow CDC recommendations to limit the exposure to their older loved ones, even those who may already be vaccinated.  Coordinating a loved one’s care can be complex and confusing. Our Theia Care Consult was created to help address the caregiver burden and plan a strategic roadmap of care.