Social isolation is something we worry about daily, especially for our older loved ones.  Its impact is a common thread among multiple generations. 

We love to hear our clients share stories of special moments in their lives- tales of how they raised their kids and memories of days past. A conversation about the downside of not being able to see his granddaughter led to a client sharing how he was able to connect with her even from far away.

When my son was young, I was overseas more than I was home. Back then, a phone was the only thing you had to stay connected.


I always made a point to call when it was bedtime so that we could catch up on the day. We developed a tradition of reading to each other –a page at a time, alternating until my son was ready to drift off to sleep. C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia series was a particular favorite, as it allowed the imagination to run wild.


I had completely forgotten about this tradition, until my now grown son raised it in the summer. Because of COVID, he and his wife were concerned with my 10-year-old granddaughter having limited summer plans due to the pandemic and, equally upset, that a visit with me and my ailing wife would be difficult. My son reminded me of our story time tradition and suggested I might continue it with my granddaughter.


My granddaughter and I have a standing call three times a week and have not missed a one. We are currently on the 6th book of The Chronicles of Narnia series, The Silver Chair.


It has created a new bond between us and brought me so much joy. I love listening to her, as much as I relish the memories that flood my mind recalling these same pages being read by her father some 40 years ago. In the end, a regular telephone is still a wonderful way to stay connected.

We have compiled a list of other book suggestions that could span the interest of multiple generations for you to begin your own reading tradition.


If you are concerned about how social isolation is affecting your older loved ones, a Theia Care Consult with one of our experts can help you identify how to address your concerns.