“Who fills your cup?”


It’s a question Carolyn Risilia, Theia’s new Vice President of Operations and Client Services, asked me after participating in a Theia Advisory Board Meeting a little over a year ago. I had only recently met Carolyn, a woman whose insights motivated me to dig deep every time we spoke. And while I’m not usually at a loss for words, this question stung. As a passionate entrepreneur, I knew that my vision could only take Theia so far.

Our growth depends on the relentless dedication of the amazing team of (mostly) women whose experience and commitment to the elderly and their families is unsurpassed. I am delighted that after many months of serving in an advisory capacity to Theia, Carolyn has joined as a member of Theia’s executive team and will lead the client services team.

Carolyn’s ability to inspire and engage –both employees and client families– is tremendous, and she makes us all better at what we do. You can read more about Carolyn here. And yes, and she definitely fills our cups.