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Family Wealth Report Awards 2021

Theia Senior Solutions Awarded 2021 “Family Wealth Report” Distinction

Minding your business

The Importance of Age Planning and Navigating Complexities of Eldercare (News Interview)

Beyond the balance sheet

Aging Gracefully: A Conversation on Family and Caregiver Considerations


We’ve Got This: Successful Aging Takes a Team

the woolfer

Senior Solutions with The Woolfer

ria intel
How to Save Clients From Untrustworthy Family or Friends Before It’s Too Late

Family wealth report awards 2019
Theia Senior Solutions Awarded 2019 “Family Wealth Report” Distinction

Financial Advisor FA

Understanding Cognitive Decline As A Financial Advisor


CNBC: Women are losing sleep over this retirement savings fear


5 things a financial adviser should do when they see cognitive decline in a client

wharton magazine


Wharton Magazine: New and notable ventures from Wharton alumni


How Trusted Advisors Should Address Client Cognitive Decline


Aging Clients – Engaging Healthcare Intermediaries Into The Family Office


Aging Clients: Guidance For Trusted Advisors

 wealth management Holiday Elder Care Questions for Clients and Their Loved Ones

new jersey business

NJ Business Magazine:
The Dilemma of Aging Parents


Theia Senior Solutions Wins Award for Best Specialist Services Firm

family office exchange

On Aging and Incapacity: Planning for a Complicated and Emotional Journey

Glen Eagle Podcast: Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way ®️


Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way – Doing Well By Doing Good

Glen Eagle Podcast: Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way ®️


Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way – Eldercare: A Two-Way Conversation


NJBIA: Making the Most out of Family Holiday Gatherings

princeton scoop

Princeton Scoop: Home for the Holidays & Aware of Alzheimer’s Disease


awards 2019
awards 2019
award 2019