Your Future

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We help you navigate aging — on your terms.

You may be concerned about the shifting roles in your family as you think about your future. We can help you address these challenges. Whether you want to age in place or have other plans, Theia can guide you each step of the way.

Proactive Planning

Impending Challenges

Crisis Management

It’s Time To Talk

If any of these concerns sound familiar, then it’s time to make a plan.

I didn’t think enrolling in Medicare would be so complicated

My spouse just got a difficult diagnosis and I don’t know where to turn

I don’t know where to find the right retirement community for me

My children don’t even speak to one another. How do I include them all in my future healthcare planning?

I am a widow with no children or family who live close by

I want to be sure that I can age in my current home for as long as possible

I want to stay as healthy as I can in retirement with a strong quality of life

If something unexpectedly happens to me, my wife would have no idea how to manage the household

I am single and have no family to care for me

I think I may need more help in the home. Should I hire privately or through an agency?

I need help with errands and household maintenance

I am concerned with my husband’s forgetfulness

Aging is Complicated

You’re probably arriving here with more questions than answers. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and anxious about what lies ahead. Take a deep breath — we’ve got you.

Every situation is unique.