During the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of family caregivers are worried about their loved ones who reside in nursing homes and assisted living facilities- it is even a worry within some of our own families here at Theia. Many facilities have been hard hit by the coronavirus. With policies in place to not allow visitors, family members likely question how to confirm a loved one’s well-being when they cannot visit in person. The below questions are important to ask so you can gain comfort and be informed with the care that is being received:

  • Has anyone at the facility tested positive for COVID-19?
    • Not just residents, but also staff members and any vendors that service the facility
  • How is the facility being cleaned? What protocols are in place to keep the infection rate low?
  • What is the protocol being followed if someone tests positive?
  • How are you keeping the residents engaged? If they are required to stay within their own room or apartment – including for meals – it is important to understand what is being done for stimulation and enrichment to prevent loneliness.
  • Are regular healthy-living programs being maintained? Are they continuing services like physical therapy and occupational therapy programs that are meant to keep a loved one from deconditioning?
  • What is the best way to communicate with residents – is there someone available who can assist with technology such as FaceTime?
  • Are you allowed to drop off gifts or care packages to your loved ones? What is your policy for deliveries? What is the best way for me to stay in contact so I can receive updates?

If you are still feeling confused and overwhelmed after calling, or having difficulty connecting with staff, Theia is here to help. Learn more about the essential tools that we are sharing with families during this unsettling time here.