It’s April. Spring is around the corner and we are at the start of another quarter. It is always amazing how quickly time passes. I think of this often when I look at how grown up my children have become – and yet I feel like they arrived just yesterday.

My children have joked over the years that Theia is my favorite child. They insist she is part of almost every dinner conversation and with our family day in and day out. The first time I heard that statement, I objected: Theia was a company I was building, not my child. And how could she be my favorite? And yet, as I look back to 2014 when I founded Theia from a little idea, I do have to acknowledge that she is indeed my baby.

Like any mother with her child, Theia is on my mind constantly. There are days she brings me joy, and plenty of nights that she makes me lose sleep. But Theia is not one person. She is made up of many amazing individuals that work tirelessly to protect the safety and well-being of older adults, while helping vulnerable families make sense of the challenges of dementia and eldercare. It is the people at Theia that give her a heartbeat and a soul. The passion they have for the work they do is simply amazing, and I am most grateful they are taking this journey in their professional careers to build something so special.

So, as I reflect on the last quarter, I am incredibly humbled. Theia continues to thrive and grow, and touch the lives of more and more people that find value in the work that we do. I am most thankful to the families that have allowed Theia to be part of their lives. You open yourselves up to us, often at times of great vulnerability and allow us to build relationships with you that we are honored by. We learn daily from the wisdom of the older adults that are our care recipients. Their reflections teach us so much about the way we want to live our own lives and how we want to be remembered. And of course, I am grateful for the partnerships we have established with many trusted advisors that allow us to serve their clients at moments of great fragility. Thank you for the trust you place in us and for the opportunity to collaborate.

If you know someone that is concerned about the physical or cognitive decline of an aging loved one, I would be glad for you to share information on Theia with them.

We have received a lot of press as of late, which you can find here. And in the event you are still reading at this point, I am also honored to share the news that Theia was awarded the best Concierge/Specialist Services Firm at the Family Wealth Report Gala at the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan on March 20th.

So as we embark on year 5 of the Theia journey, I am most thankful to you for being part of our story and for helping us continue to grow. Wishing you a happy spring!